Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

Pigar is the abbreviation of the two surnames of the families, Piqueras and García that joined forces together in 1952. Bodegas Pigar is located in Campo de Arcís, a small town in Requena, province of Valencia. Juan Piqueras, the new young winemaker, took over it two generations later and started to make high quality wines with micro vinifications from single vineyards. The family owns in total of 25 hectares but Juan just works 8 hectares of the best vineyards, makes in total of 9000 bottles between still and sparkling wines. The local grapes used to make the wines are: reds: Bobal, Garnacha; whites: Macabeo, Tardana and Tortosina. Juan recovered the rose grape Royal, which just 3 producers work with it in the area, and also the international Chardonnay, this one was planted by his father. All wines reflect the singularity of the terroir, the land is free of pesticides or herbicides. That is why all Pigar wines are different from the mainstream other local wines. Juan also started recently to recover very old Bobal plants, in 2017, called Bobales perdidos, (lost Bobal) and making unique wines from 6000 plants spread in 3 single vineyards. He farms organically not certified and natural winemaking in his tiny garage winery.

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Chardonnay 2020. Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

Natural white wine, Chardonnay grape from Vineyards in Utiel-Requena.


Orange Tardana 2019. Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

Natural orange wine made of Tardana and Moscatel grapes, aged in old amphorae.


Royal Ancestral 2018. Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

Ancestral method made of Royal grape. Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

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