Penho Wines, Ricardo Moreira. Vinho Verde. Organic Certified


Penhó Wines are garage wines produced from grapes grown at Quinta de Penhó, located in the Vinho Verde, sub region of Basto, in the North of Portugal, where the family vineyards are located. In 2017, Ricardo Moreira went back to Quinta de Penhó a 15 hectare property, the Moreira family roots, he started a new project making wines with very low intervention. The Quinta had an existing 2 hectare of vineyard composed of four Vinho Verde native castes: Arinto, Alvarinho and Trajadura (white) and Vinhão (red). In 2018, 3 hectares were added to the existing vineyard, by planting four grape; Arinto, Azal and Loureiro – and one red – Vinhão. The wine is produced as naturally as possible, with minimal intervention, resulting in unique natural wines with very low sulphites levels. The winery was installed in 2017 in an old house that was built by our family in the 18th century, preserving its 3-century-old granite mills where the pigeage still occurs. Our logo was inspired by the wood patterns of the century old winery door. First vintage in 2018 with the wines Nomos-Trajadura and Alvarinho, and Verbum-Arinto skin contact-. Total production of 5000 bottles.


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Nomos 2018. Quinta de Penho, Vinho Verde

White wine blend of Trajadura and Loureiro. Penho, Vinho Verde

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