Adega Entrecantos. Ribeira Sacra

entrecantos roberto rodriguez ribeira sacra

Located in Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, North west Spain. This project was born in 2018, since Roberto Rodriguez´s passion for wines. Roberto, after 20 years being involved into wine, he bought the small winery and few plots of old vineyards, in different parts of Ribeira Sacra. Actually, the vineyards are located in various types of soils and altitudes within the municipalities of Rairos and Torbeo. Rairos is 250 metres high and mixed soils of pebbles and slate at the shore of the river, more generous that others from Torbeo, located at 760 metres, very poor in matter schist soil.
Viticulture is the key factor for Roberto. He works in organic, using few traditional local remedies against vine diseases, always keeping the biodiversity in the land. Therefore, at the winery, we just works with healthy grapes, previously selected in the vineyard.
Grape varieties that he grows are: Whites: Godello, Caíño branco, Reds: Mencía, Merenzao, Brancellao.
At the winery, fermentation starts spontaneously with native yeasts. Using always Foudres for winemaking, giving to the wine a particular elegance. Roberto only releases the wines to the market when they are balanced and showing very rounded style.

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Martiñolo Godello 2018. Entrecantos, Ribeira Sacra

Organic white wine blend of Godello and Caiño grapes, from Roberto Rodríguez in Ribeira Sacra

Martiñolo Mencia 2019. Entrecantos, Ribeira Sacra

Organic red wine made of Mencia grape, from Roberto Rodríguez in Ribeira Sacra

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