Verónica Romero

Verónica Romero is the fourth generation of growers, but the first one to produces wines. The vines are located surrounding the Los Duques town, near Requena in inland Valencia, with a continental climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The family has always been working in agriculture, and nowadays they have 40 hectares of organic vines between 12 and 90 years old, worked by Veronica and her father.

She has been working for different wineries in the area whilst she was studying for an agricultural technical engineering. In 2021, her first vintage, she bought an old house from 1910 to start her own project of making wines and not selling the family must to the Cooperative.

The local varieties are Bobal and Macabeo, and from 2017 she recovered Tardana and Tempranillo from old vineyards. Verónica’s harvest for her wines is just 7 hectares, making the selection of the grapes in the vineyards and manual harvesting in small cases. In the winery there is minimal intervention; spontaneous fermentation, short macerations, unfiltered and no added sulphites.

Verónica is one of the youngest of the new generation of Spanish making natural wines. Her wines showed the authentic terroir of the area, being very elegant and with no defects.

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Bala Roja 2022. Veronica Romero, Utiel-Requena

Organic red wine made of Bobal from Veronica Romero in Utiel-Requena

Duarte 2022. Veronica Romero, Utiel-Requena

Organic red wine blend of Bobal and Tempranillo from Veronica Romero in Utiel-Requena

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