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Quinta da Boavista, João Tavares. Dão

Quinta da Boavista origin in s XVII, for two generations was abandoned. In 1990 Joao Tavares de Pina goes back to his roots with his family and started to recover from scratch the Quinta’s environment. In 2010 a new project begins; he planted new vines, recovering the natural ecosystem and local varieties. The Quinta is located in Penalva de Castelo, Dão Region, Portugal’s north inland. Surrounded by mountains and within 500 meters altitude, this region is protected from cold winds and summer rain clouds from the Atlantic, followed by continental climate. The Quinta covers a total of 40 hectares but just 13 with vines. The soil is granitic (typical of Dão), schist and clay, but it has also parts of marine sediments, which originates shale clay soil. This gives to the wines such a peculiar minerality character, and allow longer cycles with slower ripeness resulting in deeper and more intense wines. Following an organic farming and sustainable practices, and neither use of pesticides nor herbicides. The vineyards are surrounded by Oak, Pine and Eucalyptus trees. Also plants like Chamomile and Lavandula are playing a crucial role,in the top of the lines, promoting natural healing against fungal diseases, avoiding chemicals. The harvest is done manually and picked low yields in cases. At the winery the intervention is low and artisanal, in a very natural way, due to the high quality of grapes; spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast and just a bit of sulphites before bottling. Joao gives the name of Rufia to his wines in honour of his way of making wines with total freedom.

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Lero Lero 2019. Quinta da Boavista, Dao

Organic red wine of Jaen grape, organic farming from Dao


Rufia Branco 2018. Quinta da Boavista, Dao

White wine from Dao, blend of Encruzado, Cerceal, Malvasia Fina, Arinto, Bical.

Rufia Orange 2019. Quinta da Boavista, Dao

Orange wine blend of local varieties from Dao Region.

Rufia Tinto 2016. Quinta da Boavista, Dao

Natural red wine from Dao blend of Jaen, Touriga Nacional, Rufete. Quinta da Boavista, Dao


Torre de Tavares Rufete 2019. Quinta da Boavista, Dao

Organic red wine of Rufete grape, organic farming from Dao

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