Bodega Vinificate – Mahara Viticultores, Cadiz

Bodega Vinificate was born in San Fernando, Cadiz, by two winemaker brothers, Miguel and Jose. For many years they were involved in different projects around the area of Cadiz, and when in 2011, they did first vintage/wine called Mahara they decided to start together a new winery in their own town of San Fernando. The two of them are passionate about their own land, respectful of the terroir and the local grapes. The main idea of the project is to express, in their wines, the soil, climate and the local grapes varieties. The winds of Levante (east) and Poniente (west) play a big role in the climate and affects the vintages every year. The Levante is warm and dry that comes from Sahara Desert and the Poniente brings the humidity and the freshness from the Atlantic Ocean. The soil is manly Albariza, well adapted to the grape varieties Palomino, Tintilla de Rota and Tempranillo. They follow some of the biodynamic methods, with no additives added and a minimum intervention in the winery. The vineyards are located in Chiclana, Sanlucar and Jerez de la Frontera with a total of 5 hectares. They are independent from any DO appellation.

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Aguja Ancestral 2020. Vinifícate, Cádiz

Sparkling wine made of Palomino grape following the ancestral method, vineyard in Chiclana.


Albur Blanco 2017. Vinificate, Cadiz

Natural white wine, Palomino grape. Vinificate, Cadiz


Amorro Blanco 2020. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Organic white wine made of Palomino grape from two hectares in Chiclana, Cadiz.


Amorro Blanco Petnat 2020. Vinificate, Cadiz

Sparkling wine made of Palomino grape following the ancestral method. Vinificate, Cadiz


Amorro Petnat Tinto 2019. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Ancestral method made of Tintilla de Rota grape from Pago Balbaina in Jerez. Bodegas Vinificate


Amorro Tinto 2021. Bodega Viníficate, Cádiz

Organic red wine blend of Tempranillo, Tintilla de Rota y Palomino. Bodega Vinificate, Vino de Mesa. Cadiz


Dorada Blanco 2017. Vinificate, Cadiz

Palomino grape 90 years old vines, aged in amphorae. Sanlucar, pago Mahina.


Espátula Ancestral 2021. Vinifícate, Cádiz

Sparkling ancestral method orange wine Palomino grape . Vinificate, Cadiz


Mahara Tinto 2016. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Organic red wine made from Tintilla de Rota. Bodega Vinificate, Vino de Mesa. Cadiz

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