• 118 Amorro Ancestral 2017

Amorro Blanco Petnat 2020. Vinificate, Cadiz


Product Details

  • DO: Cadiz
  • Brand: Bodega Vinificate – Mahara Viticultores, Cadiz
  • Producer: Bodega Vinificate – Mahara Viticultores
  • Grape: Palomino
  • Climate: Atlantic/Mediterranean
  • Production: 9,000
  • Vinification: Ancestral method
  • Tasting: tapas, blue fish, rice, charcuterie
  • SKU: 118

Product Description

Amorro Blanco Espumoso is a sparkling wine made in the Ancestral method. The wine is bottled before the first fermentation is finished, the carbon dioxide, which is given off as the yeast convert the sugars into alcohol, is trapped in the bottle. This is sparkling wine is made of Palomino grape from two different vineyards in Chiclana – Pago el Marquesado -, one vineyard is sandy soil and the other is albariza soil. Hand harvest, vertical press, fermentation start in fiber glass tank and then continuos in the bottle. No added sulphites, 16 months with its lees. Production of 900 bottles.