Antonio Miguel Amil, Ribeiro. Organic

Antonio Miguel Boas Vides Ribeiro

Antonio was born in Ribeiro area, surrounded by amazing landscapes full of rivers, forests and vineyards, those owned by his humble family, who were making wines through centuries. Those are located exactly in the Ribadavia town, which flourished in the XV century, in the quality wine business, trading massively with England, back in those days. When Antonio had to decide about his career, recurrent family advices, were about to study and quit farming the land, arduous and unappreciated work, pecuniary wise.

As good Galician, he travelled abroad but he was frustrated not being living in his born land and not working the family vineyards. In 1993 he took the decision to come back home and start this inspiring new enterprise, Boas Vides (in Galician, good vines). He works following Biodynamic and his ancestors farming practices. The harvest is by hand among his 4 tiny vineyards that altogether do not exceed the 3 hectares. At the old winery, the wine making is traditional, cofermentation with skins around 10-12 days punching down 3 times per day. Vertical press, unfiltered and natural stabilisation with cold by decantation.


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Boas Vides 2018. Antonio Miguel Amil. Ribeiro

Organic red wine of Galician native grapes from Ribeiro

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