• hontza valtide

Valtide 2020. Viñedos Hontza, Rioja


Product Details

  • DO: Rioja Alavesa
  • Brand: Viñedos Hontza, Rioja
  • Producer: Iker Garcia
  • Grape: Mazuelo
  • Climate: Continental
  • Production: 1,000
  • Vinification: Fermented and aged 9 months in old barrels
  • Tasting: rice, white meat, pork, rabbit
  • SKU: 156

Product Description

Valtide is a small cuvee from Rioja Alavesa, which Iker makes with single vineyard Mazuelo grape (cari_ena version in Rioja) from 35 years old vineyards . Mazuelo is commonly used in Rioja to balance the often low acidity of the tempranillo. It is very rare to see 100% mazuelo wines, indeed that makes this wine quite unique. The soil is very poor, composed by clay-calcareous that produces very low yields. The crucial characteristic that makes this wine standing out from others, is that Iker succeed on keeping the low alcohol in 12.5 ABV but keeping an excellent acidity and fresh flavours. The wine making is 7 days of completed carbonic maceration, pressed and aged into a 500 litres for 6 months. This spectacular fine wine it is also organic in the vineyard and natural winemaking as nothing is added or removed to make it, including free so2. In the tasting is very fresh and mineral. Balanced and delicate finish.