• Amontillado Fossi

Amontillado Fossi. Primitivo Collantes, Chiclana

Product Details

  • DO: Chiclana de la Frontera
  • Brand: Primitivo Collantes, Chiclana
  • Producer: Primitivo Collantes
  • Grape: Palomino
  • Climate: Atlantic/Mediterranean
  • Production: 1,000
  • Vinification: Solera system under the flor for 13 years
  • Tasting: charcuterie, pork dishes, cheese
  • SKU: 105

Product Description

Amontillado Fossi is a sherry wine from Chiclana de la Frontera, part of the DO Jerez, south easter town in Jerez and close to the Atlantic sea. Made with Palomino grape from the first mosto extraction by the traditional solera system, has been under the flor for 5 years and then oxidation ageing for 10 years, in total of 15 years. From a single state called Matalian. Nutty aromas, with notes of soft ageing oxidation and touch of saltiness thanks to the proximity to the sea.