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Boas Vides 2018. Antonio Miguel Amil. Ribeiro

Organic red wine of Galician native grapes from Ribeiro


Dos Canotos Tinto 2017. Cume do Avia, Ribeiro

Blend of Caiño Longo, Souson, Brancellao, aged a year in big chestnut barrels.


Pinka Caiño Blanco 2016. L’ombre, Ribeiro

Caiño Blanco white grape from old vineyard in Ribeiro.


Pinka Velo de Flor 2013. L’ombre, Ribeiro

Natural white wine made of Caiño Blanco grape under the flor. L’ombre, Ribeiro


Simone 2015. L’ Ombre, Ribeiro

Natural red wine Souson. L’Ombre, Ribeiro