Viñateros 2024

Viñateros 2024

The Spanish wine revolution is back. Several wine UK importers we gather together showcasing artisanal wines for all over Spain, under one roof. Iberiandrinks, this year, we are representing the producer Primitivo Collantes from sherry region.

Primitivo Collantes winery was founded in 1889 in the lesser know sherry region, called Chiclana, in Cadiz province, South Spain. It is a family own winery and the 5th generation of sherry winemaking. Sherry in Spanish means Jerez, which is the name of the town where it was born this specific wine. At the contrary of the general opinion that sherry wine is sweet and drunk by the grandparents at Christmas time,  sherry range it is mainly a dry wine. It is produced in sherry oak or sherry cask, in the so called solera system.

MORE INFO: Primitivo Collantes

If you want to TASTE these exciting wines and explained directly by the wine maker, do not hesitate to attend, FREE of charge,  the wine exhibition through this link below:


Vinateros: When and Where

Tuesday, 27th February 2024
10.30 am – 17.30 pm
Lindley Hall, Elverton Street,
London SW1P 2PB