• Axarquia Maestro

Viña Axarquia Maestro. Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga

Product Details

  • DO: Vinos de Malaga
  • Brand: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga
  • Producer: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera
  • Grape: Moscatel
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Production: 2,000
  • Vinification: Sweet wine
  • Tasting: after dinner, foie gra
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 1368

Product Description

Viña Axarquia Maestro is a unique sweet wine that not many winemakers are left doing this process. Back on the times, in Malaga, they used to do this type of sweet wine call “Maestro”.

Viña Axarquia Maestro is a pale sweet wine made from Moscatel de Alejandria or Moscatle de Malaga. The vines are located in the steep slopes of the Axarquía Mountains, chalky and poor soils, a grape of very good quality. Alcohol of 8% is added before it starts the fermentation, which gives a very slow and incomplete fermentation.

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Viña Maestro Axarquia

Viña Maestro Axarquia