• Vermouth Alvear

Vermouth Rojo Alvear. Bodegas Alvear. Montilla-Moriles

Product Description

Vermouth Rojo Alvear from Bodegas Alvear is a fortified and aromatized wine, flavored with various botanicals and spice ingredients. In the mouth has a good balance of sweetness and bitter with notes of spices and liquorice. Good aperitif or to use for many different cocktails.

Product Details

  • DO: Montilla-Moriles
  • Producer: Bodegas Alvear
  • Grape: Pedro Ximénez
  • Vintage: N/V
  • Climate: Andalucia, Semi continental, Mediterranean
  • Production: 4,000
  • Vinification: Fortified and aromatized
  • Tasting: Aperitif
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 65