• Moclinejo seco t

PX Arcos de Moclinejo seco. Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga


Product Details

  • DO: Vinos de Malaga
  • Brand: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga
  • Producer: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera
  • Grape: Pedro Ximénez
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Production: 300
  • Vinification: Sweet wine
  • Tasting: after dinner
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 5022

Product Description

This PX has been in the solera system for over 30 years. The wine is exclusively produced from the free-run juice of selected hand-picked over-ripe grapes. The bush old vines acome from the Axarquia mountains, province of Malaga. The grapes are left out to dry under the sun on “paseros”. When the fermentation comes to an end, the total alcohol reaches 17%, naturally. Then it is fortified up to 17% alcohol. Matured and aged by the criadera and solera system over 30 years. Stuning PX for those who wants to discover something different and unique.