• Piamater 2016

Piamater Naturalmente Dulce. Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga

Product Details

  • DO: Vinos de Malaga
  • Brand: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera. Malaga
  • Producer: Bodegas A. Muñoz Cabrera
  • Grape: Moscatel
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Production: 2,000
  • Vinification: Sweet wine
  • Tasting: after dinner, foie gra
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 1367

Product Description

Naturalmente dulce means natural sweet process, the most for this sweet wine comes from the sugar concentration in the grapes, no added sugar or fortified, minimum intervention. Asoleo process is used, which consists in laying the grapes by hand at the paseros for their sun baking during several days. Grapes dehydrate until the desired concentration of sugar. Sun baked grapes are picked up into boxes again and there is a further selection of clusters.

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