• Patxaran Barañano

Patxaran Barañano, Licores Barañano

Product Description

Patxaran Barañano is liqueur made from 100% sloe berry macerated in plums with anis. Made artisanlly, Licores Barañano destillery started producing Patxaran in 1831 and nowdyas is the 4th family generation running the business.

Product Details

  • DO: Alava
  • Producer: Licores Barañano
  • Grape: sloe berry
  • Vintage: N/V
  • Climate: Atlantic
  • Production: 5,000
  • Vinification: Macerated with plums in anise
  • Tasting: Aperitif, after dinner
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 67