• Patxaran Barañano

Patxaran Barañano, Licores Barañano


Product Details

  • DO: Alava
  • Brand: Licores Barañano, Basque country
  • Producer: Licores Barañano
  • Grape: sloe berry
  • Vintage: N/V
  • Climate: Atlantic
  • Production: 5,000
  • Vinification: Macerated with plums in anise
  • Tasting: Aperitif, after dinner
  • Pack: 6
  • SKU: 67

Product Description

Patxaran is liqueur made in Navarra and Basque Country, from 100% sloe berry soaked, and then macerated with anis, and it depends of the producer; coffee beans, plums and other ingredients. This Patxaran Barañano is made artisanly, soaked sloe berry and macerated in plums with anis. Licores Barañano destillery started producing Patxaran in 1831 and nowdyas is the 4th family generation running the business. Patxaran usually serves as a digestif, chilled or on ice with orange skin.