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Amorro Blanco Petnat 2019. Vinificate, Cadiz

Sparkling wine made of Palomino grape following the ancestral method. Vinificate, Cadiz


Amorro Petnat Tinto 2019. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Ancestral method made of Tintilla de Rota grape from Pago Balbaina in Jerez. Bodegas Vinificate

Amorro Tinto 2017. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Organic red wine blend of Tempranillo, Tintilla de Rota y Palomino. Bodega Vinificate, Vino de Mesa. Cadiz


Big Jet Plane 2019. Somiavins, Penedes

Organic red wine Ull de Llebre grape from Penedes


Blanquito Manzanilla. Callejuela, Sanlucar de Barrameda

Manzanilla sherry wine aged in solera under the flor for 12 years. Callejuela, Sanlucar de Barrameda


Boas Vides 2018. Antonio Miguel Amil. Ribeiro

Organic red wine of Galician native grapes from Ribeiro


Caballero Natural 2019. Bodegas Parra, Castilla La Mancha

Natural Spanish red wine of Tempranillo grape. Bodegas Parra Jimenez. Castilla La Mancha


Cami dels Contrabandistes 2019. Celler Les Foes, Castellon

Natural red wine blend of Embolicaire, Garnatxa and Cabernet Sauvignon. Celler Les Foes, Castellon


Camino de los Arrieros 2017. Alvar de Dios. Arribes del Duero

Organic red wine Blend of Juan Garcia and Rufete,  plusother local varieties from Arribes del Duero.


Chardonnay 2019. Bodegas Pigar, Utiel-Requena

Natural white wine, Chardonnay grape from Vineyards in Utiel-Requena.


Cilantro. Pazo de Valdomiño. Galicia

Cilantro (coriander seed) Liqueur is elaborated by macerating aromatic and medicinal herbs (coriander, aniseed, cinnamon, cloves) with `Aguardiente of Orujo´. It remains at rest three months before being bottled. The combination of coriander seeds with other herbs gives it a particular colour and taste that becomes it into a unique and different liqueur.


Coffee Liqueur. Pazo de Valdomiño. Orujo de Galicia

Sweet after dinner Coffee Liqueur. Base orujo. Macerated with coffee from Brazil. Orange peels and chocolate. Ideal for coktails. Pazo Valdomino. Orujo de Galicia