• Mahara 2015

Mahara Tinto 2016. Bodega Vinificate, Cadiz

Product Details

  • DO: Vino de Mesa, Cadiz
  • Brand: Bodega Vinificate – Mahara Viticultores, Cadiz
  • Producer: Bodega Vinificate – Mahara Viticultores
  • Grape: Tintilla de Rota
  • Climate: Atlantic/Mediterranean
  • Production: 3,038
  • Vinification: Aged 15 months in amphora
  • Tasting: tapas, rice, pasta, charcuterie
  • SKU: 79

Product Description

Mahara Tinto is the first wine made from the two brothers Miguel and Jose. Made of Tintilla de Rota local variety 20 years old vine, from the vineyard Calderin del Obispo in Jerez. Terroir is Albariza Tosca Cerrada. Macerated 21 days in fiber glass tank and then aged in amphora for 17 months. The winds Levante and Poniente play a big role, this vintage the last two months before the harvest the Poniente wind was more present, given to the vines slower maturation and freshness. Unfiltered and unclarified a bit of sulphites before bottling. Production of 3038 bottles.