• Alvar de Dios Las Vidres

Las Vidres 2019. Alvar de Dios, Castilla y Leon

Product Details

  • DO: Castilla y Leon
  • Brand: Alvar de Dios
  • Producer: Alvar de Dios
  • Grape: Doña Blanca
  • Climate: Continental
  • Production: 600
  • Vinification: Fermented and aged 5 months in old big barrels
  • Tasting: fish, rice, white meat, pork
  • SKU: 154

Product Description

Las Vidres is a cuvee made of Doña Blanca grape, 80-90 years old vine from a single parcel in Villadepera, of 0.7 hectares. It is located in North Spain close to the border with Portugal. Volcanic soil, sandy decomposed grey, pink and white mica. Alvar follows organic farming and practicing some biodynamic methods. The small plots of land are sprad across the village in the poorest sites so the vine roots go deeply underneath to get more mineral inputs. Showing intense fresnhess and minerality. The austerity of this wine results into a direct an vertical freshnes, which makes this unique wine stand out from others. The finish is very elegant and pleasant