• Clos Lentiscus Petnat Malvasia de Sitges

Gentlemant Malvasia de Sitges 2014. Clos Lentiscus, Penedes

Product Description

Gentlemant Malvasia de Sitges is Petillant naturel. Also called Petnat, is a sparkling wine made in the Ancestral Method, the wine is bottled before the first fermentation is finished. The carbon dioxide, which is given off as the yeast convert the sugars into alcohol, is trapped in the bottle. Single estate vineyard of Malvasia de Sitges, La Indiana, grape from 1976. Manual riddling, natural filtration. Two years in the bottle before degorgement. Production of 2000 bottles.

Product Details

  • DO: Penedes
  • Producer: Clos Lentiscus
  • Grape: Malvasia de Sitges
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Production: 1,000
  • Vinification: First fermentation in the bottle
  • Tasting: charcuterie, rice, white meat, cheese
  • SKU: 81