• Albariño, Floreano 2014

Floreano 2018. Bodega Carballal. Rias Baixas


Product Details

  • DO: Rias baixas
  • Brand: Bodega Carballal, Rias Baixas
  • Producer: Bodegas Carballal
  • Grape: Albariño
  • Climate: Galicia, Atlantic
  • Production: 10,000
  • Vinification: Skin maceration
  • Tasting: Aperitif, seafood,
  • Pack: 12
  • SKU: 5016

Product Description

The vineyards are located in Val do Salnes, Rias Baixas, 3km from the Atlantic sea. Floreano 2018 is a 100% Albariño grape from young and old vines. It is made as an old style traditional Albariño, maceration with the skin contact for few hours. Vinification in inox, indigenous yeast and spontaneous fermentation, goes through malolactic fermentation, aged with its lees for few months. The bottles comes with two different labels for the same wine. They want to express the duality of the old times, with the old man and the modernity with the young lady.

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Floreano 2015

Floreano 2015