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Tosca Cerrada, Mario Rovira. VdT Cadiz

Mario Rovira

Mario Rovira started to make wine in Bierzo, where he was working with the grape variety Palomino Fino. He got so much in love with it that started a new project in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, located in Sherry region. The range of white wines ‘Tosca Cerrada’, -Type of Albariza soil called by the locals in […]

Pazo de Valdomiño Distillery, Galicia

pazo valdomino

The brand of the Albariño Liqueurs is called Castelo de San Lorenzo which is a Fort from the XVII century. It was built to expell regular Portuguese invasions to O rosal valley in the Portuguese independence era. Pazo de Valdomiño is the distillery, it was founded in 1996 with a main and clear aim: to […]

Quinta de Val da Figueira, Douro

Quinta de Val da Figueira, Douro

João Cálem Hoelzer has been working for 30 years in the Port wine trade, also was a member of the tasting panel and trained in cellar management. Apart from some years studying and working abroad had always been at the Quinta. It is in 1990’s when he started running the winery. The Quinta de Val […]

Licores Barañano, Alava. Basque Country


Licores Barañano started in 1831 with Jose manuel Atxa Barañano. It is the 4th generation producing traditional Patxaran. They produce Patxaran artisanally with 100 % natural sloes berry after slow maceration with wild plums in anise. This liqueur, it is common in the Basque Country and Navarre. Comes from Basque from Pattar “liquor” and aran […]

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