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L’Ombre, Jorge Pérez. Ribeiro

Jorge farms three vineyards between Cenlle and Lentille, in Ourense, Galicia, DO Ribeiro. All in granitic soil with low yields. They cover a total of 1.4 hct of recovered old vines from 70 to 110 years old, Treixadura and Caíño blanco white varities, very close to the Minho River. And for reds Souson and Caíño Longo. Picked by hand in cases, grapes are carefully selected in the harvest period. Jorge learnt from his grandfather since he was a kid, how to farm with no use of pesticides nor herbicides, but helping the strength of the plants by enhancing living soils. After pruning in December, the dry vine branches are left over the surface. Due to the high humidity in the land, warms split the organic matter into the old granitic sandstone soil. During very hot summers he leaves mulch to preserve humidity. The traditional old winery was built underground from XV century, with big stone walls that keeps a constant temperature of 8/9 degrees throughout the year, ideal for keeping and wine ageing. Vinification is made naturally, with spontaneous and slow fermentations with native yeast at low temperature, which results in elegant, rounded, mineral and complex wines. All the wines develop “flor” naturally due to the humidity and temperature of the winery. Flor is used intentionally to protect the wines against oxidation, so there is no need of added sulphites. The current production is about 10.000 btls.


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L’ombre Treixadura 2018. L’ombre, Ribeiro

White wine made of  Treixadura grape, 70-90 years old vines.

Pinka Caiño Blanco 2016. L’ombre, Ribeiro

Caiño Blanco white grape from old vineyard in Ribeiro.

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