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Bodegas San Boal, VDT Castilla y León

San Boal

San Boal is a very recent project of 4 passionate people: Eduardo, Juan Manuel, Jesus and Beatriz. The viticultorist Eduardo has been working in organic since 2010. Beatriz is the winemaker, very focused in organic winemaking since she started oeneology. Bodega San Boal is located in the town of Pozaldez, between Rueda and Medina (Valladolid province). They grow their own authoctonous Verdejo grapes from one single vineyard called “La Encina”. Vines were planted at 800 metres of altitude, which allows to retain acidity and freshness. San Boal winery does not want to belong to DO Rueda although they are located within those wine region boundaries. The reason is that San Boal is showing the traditional flavours of Verdejo grape and different winemaking style than most of the wineries in the DO. All the vineyards are treated with organic system and certified by CAECYL (Castilla y Leon Council of Agrarian and Organic Production).


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San Boal 2015 Bodegas San Boal. Castilla y Leon.

Organic white wine. Verdejo grapes, 8 months on lees. San Boal 2014 Bodegas San Boal. Castilla y Leon.

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