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Alvar de Dios, Toro & Arribes del Duero

Tio Uco 2015, Toro. Alvar de Dios.

The winemaker, Alvar de Dios, started his own project in 2011. He recovered the old vines abandoned from his grandfather and began to make wine following the organic farming. The vines are located in south of Toro DO, west of Rueda, not far from the border of Portugal. The vineyards planted in sandy soils at 750m. in an extreme continental climate, contribute to good acidity and aromas, present in the grapes. Alvar since 2009 has worked in organic, and in 2014 started with some Biodynamic methods, as 500/501. Tinta de Toro for reds – Tempranillo – is the main grape and for whites a blend of the varieties that were planted in the 1 hct of vineyard that he has. Alvar focuses more on working for a high quality grapes and low or none intervention at the winery to show the full expression of the terroir in Toro. Alvar’s vision of winemaking results in a very aromatic, soft and delicate fruity wines with plenty of freshness, very different than the traditional style of making wine in Toro: full alcoholic and tannic.

Alvar also works with a local producer from Arribes, border with north Portugal, and make his own wine call Camino de Los Arrieros.

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Aciano 2017, Alvar de Dios. Toro

Natural red wine made of Tinta de Toro. Alvar de Dios. Toro

Camino de los Arrieros 2017. Alvar de Dios. Arribes del Duero

Organic red wine a blend of Juan Garcia and Rufete. Alvar de Dios. Vino de Mesa

Tio Uco 2017. Alvar de Dios. Toro

Organic red wine a blend of Tinta de Toro and Garnacha. Alvar de Dios. Toro

Vagüera 2017, Alvar de Dios. Toro

Organic white wine, blend of old varieties grapes from south of Toro. Alvar de Dios. Toro

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