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Pazo de Valdomiño Distillery, Galicia

pazo valdomino

The brand of the Albariño Liqueurs is called Castelo de San Lorenzo which is a Fort from the XVII century. It was built to expell regular Portuguese invasions to O rosal valley in the Portuguese independence era. Pazo de Valdomiño is the distillery, it was founded in 1996 with a main and clear aim: to develop high quality Premium Spirits under the Denomination of Origin Orujo de Galicia. Located in the O Rosal valley, in the mouth of the Miño river (natural border with Portugal) and known because of its ideal microclimate for viticulture, our distillery stands out for the elaboration of the so-called `aguardientes´ and liqueurs made from 100% Albariño pressed grape skins. Besides, an accurate combination of herbs, fruits and coffee becomes each liqueur into a unique product, with a particular colour and taste. The process of elaboration starts every September with the selection of the bagazo -grape skin-, coming exclusively from the wineries under the Designation of Rias Baixas, with 95% of Albariño grape. After been fermented naturally for 20 days the distillation starts itself, which can be double or triple.
We offer a range of high quality different products:


  • Aguardiente de Orujo
  • Licor de Café – Coffee
  • Crema de Orujo – Cream
  • Licor de Hierbas – Herbs
  • Cilantro – Coriander seeds

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Aguardiente de Orujo. Pazo de Valdomiño. Orujo de Galicia

Dry white spirit digestive. Triple distillation in copper still. Elegant. Aguardiente de Orujo. Pazo Valdomino. Orujo de Galicia


Cilantro. Pazo de Valdomiño. Galicia

Cilantro (coriander seed) Liqueur is elaborated by macerating aromatic and medicinal herbs (coriander, aniseed, cinnamon, cloves) with `Aguardiente of Orujo´. It remains at rest three months before being bottled. The combination of coriander seeds with other herbs gives it a particular colour and taste that becomes it into a unique and different liqueur.


Coffee Liqueur. Pazo de Valdomiño. Orujo de Galicia

Sweet after dinner Coffee Liqueur. Base orujo. Macerated with coffee from Brazil. Orange peels and chocolate. Ideal for coktails. Pazo Valdomino. Orujo de Galicia


Cream Liqueur. Pazo de Valdomiño. Orujo de Galicia

Sweet after dinner Cream Liqueur.Base Orujo. Toffee flavour. Pazo Valdomino. Orujo de Galicia

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