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Petillant Naturel, Clos Lentiscus. Penedès

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Manel, the winemaker from Clos Lentiscus, makes three different Biodynamic Petnats (Petillant Naturelle) in an Ancestral method. The wine is bottle before primary fermenation finished, no addition of secondary yeast of sugar. Is extremely tricky to get right – bottle late and you sparkling will be flat, bottle too soon and you risk the whole wine exploding. Manel’s first production of Petnats was in 2012. All of them are branded as Gentlemant. Manel has recovered the label from his grandfather, also he was making Petillant Naturel, as a tribute to him. The production is very limited, 2000 bottles each kind, per vintage. This is due to the low yields that are manually harvested from single estate vineyards and varietal grapes.
Manel stresses that the three wines are very different and also the vintages vary a bit due to several natural factors in the vineyard. In the winery, he makes all three types of Petnats in the same way with minimal intervention and no chemicals whatsoever.
According to Manel point of view, the styles are very different:

  • Sumoll is quite delicate
  • Malvasía de Sitges, quite soft and feminine.
  • Xarel-lo has much more character and complexity. This one is rock n’ roll